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Sword Storage

Sword Storage & Feeding: Just because you don't own a museum-quality display case doesn't mean that your swords are at the mercy of the elements. Lacking a museum-quality temperature and humidity controlled lockable display case does not mean that your collection can't be displayed safely. The average collection is not damaged by being hung on a wall with steel hooks (not aluminum) or on wooden display racks. In high humidity areas, though, it is best to keep your collection stored in a sealed case with enough dessicant to keep the humidity beneath about 30% to hinder rust. It is also very important to KEEP SWORDS OUT OF THE HANDS OF CHILDREN. Children will destroy a sword in a fraction of the time it takes rust. Also keep swords out of reach of people who want to clash blades like in the movies or cut down trees with them.

Long Term Storage

If you do not wish to display your swords, the most important ways to protect your collection are to protect it from rust, skin contact, and theft. A gun safe will protect it from all of these. If that route is unavailible, however, we recommend either using a gun sock or making a sword bag. In either case, we recommend placing a few packages of dessicant in with the sword to keep humidity down.

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