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Sword Repair

Most heavy repair jobs are beyond the scope of the average collector. If you do need to disassemble a hilt or remove a blade, I recommend paying the $1.00 to get the instructions from Dixie Gun Works. Spare parts are often for sale by dealers or collectors, and Dixie has replica parts. If you have a dented scabbard, I recommend leaving it. Dents were often intentionally put into a scabbard to prevent the blade from rattling. If you absolutely must try to remove the dents, remove the throat of the scabbard and drive a section of wood that has the same cross section as the scabbard down it. This should punch the dents out from the inside. As to a bent blade, you don't just run it under your foot a few times like a bent foil. I have only seen a few bent blades, and the best way to straighten it is to put it in a (copper blocked) vice and carefully straighten it.

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