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Sword Maintenance

What should you do first with your new sword? Proper sword care begins as soon as your new sword arrives.

Immediately After Receiving Your New Sword:

Try as soon as possible to stop jumping up and down in uncontrolled joy! It is very difficult to following maintenance tips if your body and emotions are not steady :-)

Factory direct swords will probably come to you with a light oil or a heavy coat of grease to protect the blades during transcontinental transport. To remove the grease you may use a solvent such as lacquer thinner or mineral spirits.

Once you have finished this, apply your light coat of oil or a silicone spray. You can also wipe it with a silicone coated gun/reel cloth. In many respects, the gun/reel cloth is preferred as there is less tendency for dust to accumulate and trap oxygen to cause pitted areas in the blade.

All of Toledo Swords blades are made of high carbon steel. Since it is the natural propensity of steel to rust, you must properly care for your blades. Blades must be protected from moisture at all times. If surface rusting occurs, it can be removed with 600 grit or finer wet/dry sandpaper and some lightweight oil (i.e. gun oil, etc.). If you are consistently using the blade, the oil will work nicely. (Hint: wipe the blade with a soft cloth before using it, then apply a light coat of oil before storing the blade.) For display and decorative purposes, a carnuba-based wax (i.e. car wax) or a spray lacquer will work quite well.

How to Treat Wood or Leather:

Wooden handles may be treated with a light coating of lemon oil or tung oil to help prevent cracking.

Leather scabbards and sheaths as well as leather covered handles should be treated with a good paste wax. The scabbard can also be treated with neatsfoot or mink oil for water proofing, although this is not recommended for gripping surfaces. Do not store your sword in its scabbard for long periods of time since the leather traps moisture which can produce rust spots on the blade.

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